A dynamic team

heading for the future

Why Faspac?

Because we take to heart every project.

Because we prove our openness with our attentiveness to everyone’s specific need.

Because we want to make a difference in the industry.

Because we own a brand new plant with a state-of-the-art, high technology machinerie.

Because we are seeking a relationship of mutual respect with our employees.

And because the business has been in constant evolution for many years and will continue for many more!

Work with us


Always looking for opportunities for our production improvement and to better our company, our teams work hard to give their best every single day and to find solutions to issues we may face. Since we learn from our mistakes, we understand that to err is human and we strive to learn a lesson every time one is made.

On site training

When you start at Faspac, you will benefit from a paid training and a supportive team so you may be able to quickly evolve in the company. Furthermore, continuous training is offered so the team stay up to date with as for handling the machines and the latest technological progress.

An ergonomic place

In order for our team to perform in a comfortable and with no ergonomic concern, our offices are furnished with adjustable standing desks. It is then possible to alternate position from sitting to standing to avoid a static posture.


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An international team